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Refugee Crisis: Emergency Appeal

You've just arrived in Bedford. You're cold... and hungry.


Where do you go for help?


The headlines don't say that problems for refugees do not end when they reach the safety of the UK. Poverty and homelessness are common.


Refugees and asylum seekers need your support today.


Collect. Donate. March. Make a noise. Get involved today.

We Hear Your Voices
Refugees and asylum seekers need our support now more than ever.

You can make sure that every man looking for his family, every child without their parents, has someone to help them.


Help us to provide refugees with food, support, and friendship in Bedford.

Our Response


Bedfordshire Refugee and Asylum Seeker Support (Brass) has 15 years experience of the plight of refugees and asylum seekers living in and around Bedford.


We urge the government to commit to help alleviate the current refugee situation in Europe by agreeing to take 10 Syrian refugee families per Borough or district, including Bedford.


We believe that although this would be a relatively small amount compared to other European countries, it would spread families evenly around the country.


We also call for longer-term diplomatic efforts to help solve the political problems in the countries from which refugees and asylum seekers flee. 


It is these political problems which are the original cause of so many people being forced to leave their homes and take such risks with their lives and well being.


Talk about it


We know that the headlines can be misleading.


UK is only 32nd in the world for taking asylum seekers. #Developing countries take the majority of refugees in the

world. #RefugeesWelcome. Tweet that now


Get the facts here





Cake sales to Christmas Jumper Days. Carol services and fun runs.


Get your friends and family together this Christmas to fundraiser and support refugees in Bedford.


Tell people about the great event by downloading the poster below. 


Want a fundraising page? Get started at MyDonate.

Refugees Welcome March

There were amazing scenes at the 'Refugees Welcome' march on Saturday 12 September in London and around the country. Brass supporters marched to represent our beneficiaries and all refugees and asylum seekers around the world. Check out photos:

Homes for Refugees


If you would like to offer your home to refugees, please contact your local Borough Council or the Red Cross.



A huge thank you to everyone who has got involved so far - from making Welcome Boxes, donating to our projects, joining the march or telling the facts about refugees in the UK.


Thank you to everyone who has made a Welcome Box. We have now received over 100 boxes! That's 100 men, women and children whose arrival in the UK will be warmer and brighter - thanks to you. We'll be distributing the boxes at our Christmas Party and to other refugeees and asylum seekers over the coming months.


Because of the high number of boxes received, we'll be able to provide a box to everyone who needs it this winter. So for now we're closing this part of the appeal. But we'd love you to get involved by donating or fundraising. 


There's still time to get involved, so get started today!


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