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A Day at the Seaside

This year, for the first time, we took 2 coaches to our trip to Hunstanton on 1st August. 110 people came and even then, a reserve list was needed!

It was a good journey, only 2 hours, much shorter this time than in the past due to road improvements. Although there was light rain when we arrived, it soon passed away, leaving us all to enjoy a bright sunny day. Many of our clients went for a paddle in the sea. We had a picnic for those that wanted it around the bandstand (pictured here) and many children enjoyed the fairground rides. Everyone reassembled for the journey home, happy and contented, after our trip to the seaside.

This was our busiest ever coach trip and we hope to have 2 coaches in the future as it was so popular and our clients have said they had such a lovely day by the sea.

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