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Our supporters


We are extremely grateful to all our supporters who enable us to do our vital work. Without you, refugees and asylum seekers in Bedfordshire would have nowhere to turn for help.


Thank you.


Our supporters are trusts and foundations, local government, churches, community groups and the generosity of individuals.

Big Lottery Fund Grant


We are delighted that the Big Lottery Fund will support Brass until 2021. The grant will allow us to:


  • Run new services and increase the reach and scope of current services

  • Reach more refugees and asylum seekers, as soon as they need help

  • Grow quickly, hiring new staff, making our services more efficient and impactful


Bedfordshire has a long history of welcoming new arrivals, many of whom have settled in the county permanently. Bedford and Luton are the most diverse settlements, ethnically and culturally, in the East of England. We are delighted that the Big Lottery Fund support this important heritage.

Trusts, Foundations and Local Government

We would like to extend our thanks to:


The 29th May 1961 Charitable Trust

The Allen Lane Foundation

Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation

Harpur Trust

Big Lottery Fund

Wixamtree Trust

Bedfordshire Borough Council

Thank you to all the churches, community groups, schools and individuals who support our work.

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