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Friends of BRASS


Friends of BRASS is a team of dedicated supporters who want to help BRASS

in its mission to empower, inform and support refugees and asylum seekers

and to protect their rights.


We are recruiting!


Join Friends of BRASS if:


  • You want to make a difference

  • You don’t have time to volunteer for us on a regular basis

  • You are up for the challenge of raising £100 in one year for a BRASS project

  • You can help tell your friends and others about the work of BRASS


You can join as an individual or a group, such as book club, school or workplace.


Each year we will identify BRASS projects that will benefit directly from Friends of BRASS

contributions. This year we want to support the new allotment project and buy equipment and cover transport costs. This project will give refugees and asylum seekers a sanctuary to work in, away from daily stresses and the trauma they may have faced. It will also give them a focus, a chance to learn new skills and to nurture plants that may keep them closer to the homes they have left.


Raise Money


Get a group involved and organise an event...


  • A pub quiz

  • Coffee morning

  • Theme night

  • Clothes swap

  • Car boot sale

  • Sporting sweepstake


The key thing is to make it fun, and help people feel inspired.


Help out at an event


We have 4 regular events each year: summer outing, Refugee Week,

Bedford River Festival, Christmas Party. We need helpers on the day and

to help prepare for each event in advance.

If you can support one of these events, we want to hear from you!


Get involved


Contact Brian at or on 01234 211381

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