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VOICES features a tapestry with prints of images of objects which people brought from their countries of origin and their oral histories.The prints were partly stitched to represent the land and people’s personal stories and journeys to Bedford. Volunteers from Bedfordshire Refugee and Asylum Seeker Support (BRASS),The Higgins Bedford and Aragon Lacemakers worked on the project and it was first shown during Refugee Week 2017.

Touring the artwork around Bedfordshire schools has involved children in the work and learning about the journeys of displacement highlighted by the objects from distant lands.

This exhibition will show artwork created by the children with a focus on raising awareness of displacement: refugee, asylum seekers and migrant diaspora with the question: “What if you had to leave home without time to collect your favourite belongings?’

School pupils have created objects out of wire with strong empathy on the feelings, emotions and survival experienced by a people or class cut off from its own past.

Project Coordinators:

Pauline Stepney - & Josepa Munoz - -


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