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Family Reunions

BRASS is very proud that for the last 3 years we have run a very special service with the University of Bedfordshire Law department in Luton.

It runs on Tuesday evening with the help of members of staff and students from the law department. We have helped 50 families over the last 4 years. It helps reunite Refugees with their spouses and children through the existing Family Reunion Rules.

This is a very complex and difficult online form to complete and we have to send hard copies of the form to families abroad, as well as build a bundle of proof of family relationship and continuous contact. This has resulted in numerous successes over the years of the project.

There can be few things more satisfying to do then reunite a refugee parent with their spouse and children left behind in a time and place of great danger.

We are very glad to here that there is beginning to be a change in the law that will extend this to other family members and hope in the long term that there will be legal aid for this also. We will continue for the moment as there will be some time yet for the necessary law changes to go through parliament.

You can read more about the changes in the law working through Parliament here

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