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Social Work Students Learning from Experience with BRASS

It's a pleasure to have our Social Work Placement students here at BRASS! As part of their degree, the students do 70-day placements, often in the charitable sector, before a further placement in the Statutory sector where many of them end up working. Students help out at BRASS drop-in advice sessions where they get good client contact experience and we usually give them another project such as our Christmas party or Refugee Week.

Denise and Anne, our latest students, are pictured here at a presentation to Denise after completing her placement. Anne was just starting hers and it was great that they were both happy to overlap and pass on a few tips from one to the other! We are grateful to Denise and Anne and to their off-site supervisor Dave Thomas who also brings many other social work students to our events. We hope to have many more as good as Denise and Anne to come to Brass in the future!

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