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Veta Hudson-Rae (1944-2020)

Veta Hudson-Rae (1944-2020) Midwife, Health Visitor, Manager, Magistrate

Veta was born in Jamaica and came to Britain to join her parents in November 1959. She started her nurses training in 1963 at Ashford Hospital, Middlesex. In 1967 she trained in Midwifery in Surrey.

In 1968 she joined Bedford Health Authority as a Community Midwife. In 1976 she qualified as a Health visitor, and later worked as a community practice teacher. In 1989 she became a manager for health visitors, district nurses, school nurses and other community staff.

In 2000, Veta retired, but since then had been a magistrate for 13 years, as well as more recently serving as Chair of BRASS.

In 2014, Veta received an award from the High Sheriff of Bedfordshire ‘in recognition of great and valuable service in the community’.

(Image taken in 1967 outside Surrey hospital with colleagues, Veta standing left).

[With thanks to The Higgins, Bedford].

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